In order for us to feel good, content and confident, merely taking care about our health doesn’t suffice – it’s important to have a positive image about our body, that is to say, to feel satisfied about the way we look.

Thanks to the benefits of modern aesthetic medicine, offered to you by the Polyclinic Jović, you can eliminate and correct all the flaws that you notice, the ones that fuel your discontent.

Aesthetic medicine is simultaneously a part of anti-aging medicine, because, thanks to its perks, the face, as well as the body, obtains a younger and fresher look.

The following are our services in the field of aesthetic medicine:

  • Botox and Vistabel
    • Axillary (armpit),
    • Hands and feet.
  • Hyaluronic fillers,
  • A chemical peel,
  • PRP,
    • PRP + Hyaluronic acid
    • PRP for hair
  • Mesonites:
    • Mono threads
    • Spiral threads
    • COG threads
  • Biorevitalization,
  • Aqualux Intralipotherapy,
  • Cellulite treatment Alidya.