Despite the rapid progress of medicine and the availability of modern medical practices, we are witnessing that, to this day, people are struggling to preserve their health. As a civilization, we have overcame number of diseases that have posed serious threats to humanity in the past. However, we are facing new challenges – the ones that modern age entails.

Modern lifestyle has profiled a number of factors that present the direct causes of chronic non-communicable diseases, which are number one problem in healthcare today. Fast-paced life, irregular and improper nutrition, lack of healthy physical activity and sleep, combined with increased mental stress, have made us prone to autoimmune diseases and to potentially serious illnesses. Once faced with these threats, our bodies cannot find an adequate immune response.

Firmly believing that preserving good health is what matters the most, here in the Polyclinic Jović we are guided by the motto ‘’Prevention is better than cure’’

Nevertheless, if a health problem already came your way, it’s important to seek the help from trusted experts, and to be certain that you can put your trust in them.

‘’Once we get to know the illness, we’re already half way to recovery’’

When our body sends us a signal that something is wrong, general practitioner is the very first doctor we meet. GP’s the one responsible for carefully listening to the patient, and, through detailed observation, GP’s required to identify the problem and administer medication. Nonetheless, if the problem falls outside GP’s level of competence, it is up to him to refer the patient for further diagnosis and examination, performed by a medical specialist.

In the Polyclinic Jović, the path from general practitioner, through laboratories and diagnostics, and, eventually, to specialist examination is incorporated in one place, therefore, your visit to the doctor can both begin and end in one building – without stress, without waste of time and with maximum commodity.

‘’Your health is in our hands’’

Pleasant environment, modern equipment, friendly staff and a team of top experts are the main reasons to put your trust in us and to leave all of your health concerns in our hands.

The Polyclinic Jović – the polyclinic you can rely on!