Skin is the human’s body largest organ. When the skin is suffering, we are feeling discomfort, at first. Once the skin disease starts progressing and showing in plain sight, it can help creating negative image about ourselves, which can further cause loss of self-confidence, deviation from everyday lifestyle, and, more than often, some serious psychological problems.

Healthy skin mirrors our health in general. Furthermore, our skin will be the first to send us the signal about the existence of disorders in the metabolic processes within the body.

Listen to your skin and grant it timely care and healing. Don’t neglect the noticeable changes, rather consult a dermatologist who will give you a proper diagnosis and a recommendation for further treatment.

When it comes to dermatology field, in the policlynicJović, we are offering you Radio Wave Dermatosurgery.

Radio Wave Dermatosurgery is a field of dermatosurgery intended for performing minimal interventions on skin. This method is rather suitable when it comes to removing benign skin growths. Thanks to high frequency magnetic waves, a fine incision (finer than any scalpel can make) is achieved, the wounds are healing rapidly and without any complications, which eventually results in satisfactory aesthetic results.

Enhance your health and life quality, make an appointment with our dermatologist.