Minor surgical interventions, that do not require inductionof general anesthesia,nor hospital conditions for the intervention, are performed by a specialist under local anesthesia. Local anesthesia includes administering a local anesthetic to a specific part of the body (operative field). The patient is awake all the time and does not feel any pain.

The welfare of choosing the Polyclinic Jović to perform this type of intervention, mirrors in the fact that you can be sure that you are in the safe hands of top experts.Your intervention will be performed in a comfortable space with modern equipment, and, your recovery will be guidedby experts who will monitor your condition and give you timely advice.

The following are the surgical interventions that the Polyclinic Jović provides:

  • Removing skin imperfections (atheroma, lipomas, birthmarks, warts…),
  • Eyelid correction,
  • Ear correction.

Quickly and efficiently, without waiting in lines, nervousness and stress, schedule your appointment and have your chosen intervention performed. We guarantee maximum comfort and convenience, as well as a quick return to your daily routine.